Typically,  in doing a massage therapy session I blend  in modalities that I have studied, but its really all about listening. 

 I Have taken alot of classes over the years, These are some of them ,

Massage Therapy Services and Training

Deep tissue

Craniosacral 1,2

Somata 1,2

Advanced Craniosacral 1

Visceral 1 

Visceral 2



Consciousness Studies 

Meridian Unwinding

Nerve unwinding

Myofascial Release


Craniosacral therapy

I am one of the few therapists in the area that has extensive  training in this somewhat soft yet powerful technique.  This can weave nicely into the meridian work

meridian unwinding

Most people think of acupunture when the think of meridians, but these energy centers can be felt with trained hands. We are energy and form. Scarring, emotions, trama...... can block our flow. This training addresses thaty


Cupping has been used for thousands of years. Different cultures have used cups, along with negitive pressure created inside them, causing suction to draw out unwanted or stagnant substances. Today, bodywork practitioners have steadily adopted cupping as a complementary and alternative therapy to treat pain and inflamation