massage prices and booking


Its best to call 503-5574438, take a step toward balance

As a small business owner I choose to do booking on the phone

503-557-4438 . You can leave a message and I will get back fairly quickly.  If you have spacific times  please  leave them on voicemail,

slowly and clearly please.

If you want to text you can on 503-557-4439.( my cell phone)

massage pricing

60 minute massage 85.00

90 minute massage 110.00

120 minute massage 150.00

for first time massage with me 20.00 off

I understand it's all about a good fit with bodywork, so that's why I give a discount here.

Discounts for regular bookings

When a person commits to regular work be it weekly or bi-weekly I offer a discount of 10.00 if needed, to support you and your wellness commitment

Regular massage not only makes you feel great

Theres more and more evidance  of how regular massage benifits our health and crazy stress levels, taking some well needed brakes from a stress filled life  is like giving yourself a gift.


 The earth laughs in flowers

By Ralph Waldo Emerson 


Make the most of yourself.....

for that is all there is of you

by Ralph Waldo Emerson


The earth laughs in flowers , by emmerson