even cats enjoy a good bounce

This picture makes me smile every time I look at it, Even cool cats like a good bounce.I have owned a trampoline for 22 years . Dave Hall sold me  my first one. He is still out there selling a great trampoline. But after I got my belicon  I was hooked, a gentler quieter bounce, and you can do yoga and stretching on them.

For me it has to be simple and easy, like walking, but I dont like walking when its rainy.

I am a affilate of Belicon, as there was no one in the area showing these awsome trampolines. So I stepped up. To book a free trial on one, just call and we can schedule it. Click link to check it out.



Check out this great video,  a  clear explanation  of why it is such a profond and fun exersize tool. A little goes along way.